Fair. Finally

So the second court battle never ended up in court. This time she moved in with her boyfriend, “the one,” moved the kids 45 minutes away and had to change their school. We tried to fight for them to stay in the school they were in, but she manipulated that situation and we lost. Not to mention, court systems move at a snail’s pace.

Although we lost the school fight, we did end up with 50/50 custody. Previously Paul had the kids Wednesday evenings and every other weekend so this was a huge win for us! This schedule has been such an amazing turn-around for the kids getting equal time with both parents. Despite being a product of divorce they have adjusted so well and truly are happy kids.

Recently “the one” didn’t work out and she is in the process of yet another move. This will be the 6th move in 6 years and she is on her 3rd boyfriend in 4 so although we are in a good place, court may not be far off again.

One piece of advice I find to be most important: No matter now amicable the relationship seems to be, never let your guard down. I have already contacted my attorney and will do my best to remain 10 steps ahead of her. It is important to get along, but nothing is more important than the well-being of the kids.


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