Standing on your morals

One of the hardest parts of dealing with a 50/50 custody situation is when you feel the other parent is not using good judgment. There’s a very gray line between what’s morally wrong and what the court will actually care about. In our paperwork there is a 6 month rule about introducing the kids to new partners. She’s done it in a month. They are staying with him tomorrow while she’s at work. Do we agree with it? Absolutely not. Can we do anything about it? I really don’t know. For the moment we have to decide if we feel they are safe and pray she is going to make good choices. This proves to be very difficult when her judgment is clouded as of late. Her history proves she meets guys, dates them and then has to quickly leave the situation moving the kids all over the place. It is scary to watch and think of how all of this will affect the kids in the long run. All we can do is continue to provide the structure and stability that children so desperately need and hope for the best. If only morals mattered more…


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