Just because you found a way to justify it doesn’t make it the right decision

I could go on a bunch of tangents with this post, but I will try to stay focused. Many divorcee’s tend to think that because they have primary custody their choices are always justified and their decisions are always the right ones. This is certainly not always the case. Especially when the other parent is 100% involved and only wants what is best for the children.

Most divorce decrees have a 6 month waiting period to introduce the children to a new dating partner. There is a reason for this. Anyone knows in a relationship the beginning is all sunshine and rainbows. You think you could never possibly be happier and nothing could ever break you up. And then reality usually kicks you in the face. The honeymoon stage is over and you have to decide if it’s the real thing or not. As an adult, you can overcome a break up, kids are not as understanding especially if they have connected to the other person. This is why you wait. And wait. And wait. Make sure this person is going to stay in their lives and not be another void they can’t fill. They are resilient, but not invincible. While it is important for you to be happy, the kids well- being should always come first. So date, have fun, sleep around. Do whatever it is that  makes you happy. Keep the kids out of it until you’re sure. They’ll thank you later.



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